G.I.G. will be a new kind of “Think Studio”, to make the most of New York City’s most spectacular wealth: creative and ambitious innovators many of whom were born here, and many of whom have come here from all over the world to make their mark.

G.I.G. will operate in a purpose-built three-level physical facility:

• Upstairs (soft) quiet labs, meeting rooms, tele-studio, IT infrastructure

• Ground Floor (open) storefront studio/event space

Our purpose is to develop new tools and practices to augment the creative capacity and effectiveness of groups, from project teams to communities and societies.

1. Augmented Collaboration: next-generation ways and means for creative groups, interdisciplinary to inter-sectoral;

2. Deep Social Media: the same, at the scale of New Soft Cities;

3. Future-making: developing alternative scenarios.

The G.I.G. will serve as a gathering place, a laboratory, a showcase, and (as the model is proven and adopted worldwide), a network node.