1. Augmented Collaboration: next-generation ways and means for creative groups, interdisciplinary to inter-sectoral;

2. Deep Social Media: the same, at the scale of New Soft Cities;

3. Future-making: developing new scenarios at the systems level.

For every game-changing breakthrough developed by a homogenous team of specialists, there are a hundred that need to bring together experts from very different domains who share values and vision: an architect may actually need to collaborate not only with structural engineers to make the most of the new “smart building” technologies, but also interaction designers, software developers, and installation artist; new coalitions of schools and community groups might need to work with new kinds of collaborative design tools, and the developers of those tools… where are they? Who knows where the right people are, and how to coordinate their efforts? Some of the biggest firms in the world, and the governments they provision, are struggling to make sense of the new forms of e-governance, participatory planning and design, and educational networks that are becoming possible… developing, and testing the operational effectiveness and sustainability of some of the most promising use types, must necessarily be a joint venture on a new scale of complexity.