Open Line Studio

The OPEN LINE STUDIO is a collaborative “future-making” design project for six local coalitions at six urban waterfront sites: New York City USA, Montreal Canada, Siracusa Italy, Istanbul Turkey, Busan South Korea and Bremen Germany.

Over the course of two years, six very different but well-networked groups will work with each other (and their respective local communities), using cutting-edge collaborative and participatory design tools, to develop next-generation concepts of how a specifc waterfront site in their city might better address specific social, cultural, ecological, and infrastructural opportunities in the longer term.

The six groups will engage the broadest possible community of local stakeholders and expertise: citizens, engineers, artists, industry, the civil service.  All will iteratively develop online 3D models, forums, and GIS data using the open-source Betaville Massively Participatory platform. The Open Line Studio will provide and/or support other new telepresence and collaboration technologies as required (and best suited) for each locally-based group. During the working period, there will be ongoing “cross-talk” between the local Open Line Studios, to provide mutual feedback/knowledge sharing.