To make the most of New York City’s most spectacular wealth: creative and ambitious innovators many of whom were born here, and many of whom have come here from all over the world to make their mark.

The G.I.G.  is designed to provide exactly the kind of open platform that these different scales of creative and engaged collaboration need to fulfill their promise, and meet the needs of coming generations of innovators and citizens of the New Soft City, a super-dynamic hybrid of high-quality physical and digital environments, in one of the world’s most prominent magnets for the necessary expertise, and most powerful disseminators of new ideas and knowledge, New York City.

We recognize, though, that even a city like New York is ultimately not a world unto itself, and that many of our collaborators will be working in other centers at any given time. G.I.G. will therefore be built, and driven, to opoerate as one node in the developing global network of centers of innovation: the Cisco Open Innvoation Centers, as well as research and design groups from Shanghai to Stockholm, and from Toronto to Capetown. As we work together within the network, we will also build new tools and practices beyond today’s virtual worlds and organizations.

G.I.G. is an innovation, but it’s no “shot in the dark”. Inspired by the foundational visions of fellow optimists like Walter Gropius, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Ada Lovelace, Alan Kay, and Douglas Engelbart (for instance), our plans are also grounded in the expertise and lived experience of Max Matthews, Jane Jacobs, Grahame Weinbren, and Ove Arup.

G.I.G. brings together, supports, and disseminates the work of some of the next generation of art and technology in the public interest. The program format is flexible: terms of engagement between participants and member organizations/sponsored are designed and negotiated on a per-project basis, as needs and potential require. Proposals for new projects may originate in-house, by open call, or on the initiative of partners or third-party sponsors.