Carl Skelton, BFA, MVA, Dr.-Ing (Informatics)

Dr. Carl Skelton has been working at the intersection of art, technology, and community engagement for over twenty years. He is an artist, founding director, inventor/development lead, collaborator, creative researcher, media environmental and technology design consulting expert.

Carl’s work has involved successful handling of road and pedestrian safety issues attendant to the development of multimedia light installations for public areas at and within public roadways, most particularly for the Real City installation on the frieze of the Manhattan Bridge (a particularly difficult zone of mixed types) and for the Main Street River dynamic LED installation in Yonkers NY. Carl has substantial experience developing multimedia installations for hand-off to clients and partners responsible for ongoing operations at such sites as the Centennial Water Garden at the John F. Kennedy Centre. As a multimedia installation artist and former director of art & design crossover digital media programs, Carl is not only proficient in reading and interpreting technical drawings (plans, elevations, wiring and flow diagrams), but authoring them as well. He is fluent in Trimble Sketchup and Autodesk Maya, and a little slow but very capable in AutoCAD and Rhino. Dr. Skelton and his key team members have been working directly with these kinds of tools for about as long as they have been available.


Patrick Bermingham

Practicing Visual Artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts; 20+ years as CEO and innovation director of a major foundation engineering firm (Bermingham Construction) in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Bermingham executed infrastructure projects globally and was sold to the world’s largest construction engineering firm Soletanche Bachy. Patrick works with large international corporations, visionary start-ups, innovative retailers, expansive cultural organizations, ambitious architects, city builders, and governments on technically complex capital projects in Canada and worldwide. He is active in community and stakeholder engagement through his work on the Steel workers monument and hosting a one day, once in a lifetime event for the Southern Ontario area, raising awareness to preserve the highest botanical area in Canada and over $350,000 for Royal Botanical Gardens. Patrick’s creative work is recognized for its elegance, simplicity, depth of thought, clarity of purpose, and boldness of vision. Patrick is passionate about the possibilities to integrate art and engineering.


Jee Won Kim

Jee Won Kim is the principal of Jee Won Kim, Architect PC in New York City. As a licensed NY architect and a collaborator over the entire span of his career he has had to understand the process in which artists work and the rigors of public projects and their coordination. Public safety is one of his chief objectives. As an architect who has led numerous multi-disciplinary teams and coordinated with many city agencies and institutions to deliver projects on time and on budget. Jee Won plays a crucial role in design and execution on this project team. He has worked as project architect on buildings with total construction budgets over $1 billion CDN; as project architect on projects including digital media public art programs. JEE Won has also collaborated with the Lead and other artists on media art installations and architectural projects for the cultural sector. His designs have been built globally.